Jakarta, Indonesia | October 31,2011

D.R. Strategies would like to thank the organizers of the IDEC 2011 Expo and Conference for the opportunity to exhibit at the expo, held in Jakarta, Indonesia last week. The prestigious IDEC 2011 spotlights disaster relief organizations from across the globe, and D.R. Strategies was featured as a promising new humanitarian aid organization.

D.R. Strategies’ 10-38 Box is a unique relief box that supplies every essential for post-disaster survival and relief for a family of 10. The 10-38 Box features shelter, food preparation utensils, sanitation, water purification, storage, and multi-use tools to assist a family following a natural catastrophe.

Senior Vice President of D.R. Strategies was privileged to meet Indonesia’s Secretary of the Coordinating Minister for the People’s Welfare, Prof. Dr. Indroyono Soesilo. Lively introduced the 10-38 Box and its global impact to Secretary Soesilo, as well as distinguished officer Dr. Muji Diah Setiani of the OIPC/ICPO Interpol.

D.R. Strategies is pleased with the global recognition of its humanitarian aid efforts, and continues to build worldwide relationships and networks, in order to aid those suffering in the wake of natural disasters, not only in Indonesia and the Far East, but across the globe.

The company looks forward to exhibiting each year at the IDEC Expo to continue to show support for post-disaster humanitarian relief, and to continue the building of relationships with all those that exhibit and attend the expo. It is a privilege to meet others who share the passion of aiding those who suffer worldwide.