SpiritFriend Ships Unlimited

The respected non-profit organization Friend Ships Unlimited, based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, provides trusted shipping and deployment of the 10-38 Box worldwide. Friend Ships Unlimited receives control of 10-38 Boxes through our donation program and in the wake of a natural disaster moves them rapidly across the globe to those in need. Friend Ships Unlimited offers decades of expertise in air, land and sea logistical movement of humanitarian aid.

Friend Ships Unlimited’s largest vessel, Spirit, carries 5000 tons of food, medical supplies, humanitarian aid and other relief items worldwide. Several smaller vessels stand-by for quick response to emergencies in the Caribbean, Central America and the United States.

Friend Ships Unlimited also supplies in-house air & ground transportation to help move 10-38 Boxes into disaster-striken regions across the globe.

Friend Ships is a faith-based non-profit entity dedicated to helping people in times of need and to encourage others to do likewise. The organization works through the collection, delivery and distribution of food, medical supplies, clothing, and building materials and by providing medical services and trade school education. Friend Ships provides aid to people of all races, nationalities, and religions.

Friend Ships is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization, registered with the IRS. To learn more about the mission, purpose and work of Friend Ships Unlimited, please visit the website online at www.friendships.org.