Humanitarian Disaster Relief

D.R. Strategies is a humanitarian disaster relief organization that provides a global solution for those in need – a box comprised of shelter and care essentials to families affected and displaced by natural disasters. The 10-38 Box is mission-ready to serve in situations where immediate response is necessary for shelter and safety.


Our History

The Company was founded in September 2010, with the primary goal to become a major part of the worldwide movement offering humanitarian relief to victims of devastating disasters. D.R. Strategies has conducted extensive research regarding the needs of victims in the wake of a natural disaster, including health, safety, shelter, sanitation, food preparation, and water purification. Discovering that immediate shelter and survival gear have been largely absent from existing relief efforts, the 10-38 Box fills this void by providing shelter and security for a family of 10.


Global Placement

The 10-38 Box is portable, shippable, and available for use anywhere in the world. It includes a heavy-duty tent, tarp, blankets, water storage and purification, cooking and eating utensils, toiletries, as well as tools and other relief supplies. The 10-38 Box restores dignity to those displaced by a disaster, and allows individuals to begin rebuilding their families’ lives. The 10-38 Team is comprised of some of the most experienced logistics and relief agencies in the world. Together, we are able to provide efficient delivery of the 10-38 Box to families ailed by natural disasters. Join D.R. Strategies in the quest to provide relief to those in need; donate today and serve families around the world.